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Are you fighting a constant battle to keep staff engaged or to get staff turnover rates under control?

Leaders everywhere are struggling to create an environment where every team member feels seen, valued and set up for success.

At Unify360, we believe in harnessing the power of Inclusive Leadership and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) to unlock your workforce’s full potential. Our courses are transformative journeys that revitalise your corporate culture and strengthen staff loyalty by celebrating each individual’s unique value.

Studies prove that inclusive companies are more likely to hit financial goals, excel in performance, and lead in innovation.

Consider your business a mosaic, with every unique piece vital to its beauty. Similarly, the success of your business hinges on every team member’s inclusion.

Are you looking to revitalise your company’s potential? Reach out to us for the expertise you need to take your organisation from intention to true impact. We can help position you as the benchmark in your industry for growth, innovation and sustainability.

To your success!  


Kate Hardiman, Founder & CEO, Unify360


Neurodiversity in the Workplace

Creating Neuro-Friendly Workplaces

Neurodiversity is the variation in how people’s brains work. This includes conditions like autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, dyslexia, and dyspraxia. Neurodivergent people often think and learn differently, which can lead to unique strengths and talents.

By creating more neuro-inclusive workplaces, organisations can benefit from the unique and untapped talents and perspectives of their neurodivergent employees. This can lead to increased productivity, innovation, and talent attraction and retention.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI)

DEI supportive cultures are now known to produce more profitable, high performing organisations where people want to work. This workshop teaches participants to better identify, understand and address issues related to DEI, while giving them the opportunity to safely discuss and challenge views, opinions and assumptions. This engaging, interactive training uses real world examples of behaviors and beliefs to assist organisations on their cultural transformation journey.

Inclusive Leadership

Inclusive Leaders (IL) enable more engaged employees, better decision-making, increased innovation, enhanced reputation, reduced turnover and absenteeism, and improved financial performance.  The workshop covers the six traits of inclusive leadership, the qualities and behaviours of inclusive leaders and how to lead with intention.

Unconscious Bias with Unify360

Unconscious Bias

We make decisions every day based on knowledge, experience, personality, and needs.  This decision making can be hiding unconscious bias which can negatively impact our relationships with others, our success at work and the performance of our organisations.  This workshop provides the information and tools to better understand unconscious bias, and to develop strategies to benefit  you, your workplace and those you interact with.

Emotional Intelligence​​

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence, also called EQ, is the ability to be aware of and to manage emotions and relationships. It’s a pivotal factor in personal and professional success. IQ will get you in the door, but it is your EQ, your ability to connect with others and manage the emotions of yourself and others, that will determine how successful you are in life.  This workshop teaches techniques to understand, use and appreciate the role of EQ in the workplace.

Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking

In today’s society, many people experience information overload. We are bombarded with messages that try to convince us to believe various ideas, purchase things, support causes, and lead our lifestyle in a particular way. How do you know what to believe? How do you separate fact from fiction?  The answer lies in critical thinking skills.  This workshop gives you the practical tools and hands-on experience you need to think critically and problem-solve effectively.

Consulting Services

DEI Survey Design & Reporting

DEI Survey Design &

Your people are key to the success of your DEI strategy. However understanding your employees’ experience of diversity, equity and 

DEI Strategy & Policy

In 2015, McKinsey published the report “Why Diversity Matters”. The research revealed “…  a statistically significant 

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